Fund Benefits

Fund Benefits


Certain benefits are payable in respect of a member in the event of the following occurring:

Insured Risk Benefits (NB only applies to active members in the fund not pensioners)

The benefits vary considerably depending on the event and the circumstances of each member and THE ADMINISTRATOR needs the Municipality’s assistance in ensuring that THE ADMINISTRATOR is made aware of all circumstances in each case.

All benefits are taxable with effect from 1 March 1998.

Lump sum Retirement / Death / Monthly Income or Withdrawal benefits accruing to a member of a public sector fund as a result of service rendered prior to 1 March 1998 will be tax-free. Lump sum benefits accruing to members after 1 March 1998 will be taxable in the same way as private sector funds.

Contact Person:

Team Leader Jean Bernhardt
Fairsure Administrators
Telephone 0860 00 44 01
Facsimile 0860 00 44 02
Postal Address PO Box 8417

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